Tin Fung Jewellery

Established in 1988, Tin Fung Jewellery Casting Co. is a sophisticated precious metal casting company in Hong Kong. Customers possesses its business across the PRC and all over the world with high reputation Tin Fung is not simply a casting factory, in order to further enhance our service, our company committed to our motto “Quality Assurance, Quality Guaranteed”With years of experience, our exquisite team of elites and our customer-oriented service, we dedicated to share a win-win situation with our customers. Based on this principle, we take pride of our fast expansion, and we also gain the support form colleagues and crafts.

Due to the demands of the market, we established Yat Fung Precious Metals Manufactory Co Ltd in 2005. It mainly engaged in precious metal trading, precious metal refining, precious metal fineness testing, precious metal recycling and even processing and manufacturing all kinds of accessories.

We are looking forward to work with any individuals and organization who share our vision, our dedication to excellence and our belief in delighting our customers.

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  • SQ4.5MXZ


    尺寸 / SIZE: 4.5 mm

    成色 / Fineness 重量 / Weight
    18K 0.065G
    14K 0.058G
    10K 0.052G
    9K 0.048G
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  • SQ4.5MCH


    尺寸 / SIZE: 4.5 mm

    成色 / Fineness 重量 / Weight
    18K 0.080G
    14K 0.070G
    10K 0.061G
    9K 0.059G
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  • SZ02510530


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  • SZ02511532


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